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LinBPQ Guides

This page lists documents that are either specific to the Linux version of BPQ or guides to special purpose installations that are more likely to be used with LinBPQ but could be adapted for BPQ32.

LinBPQ Installation

LinBPQ Installation Guide

LinBPQ Winlink Gateway

Instructions for setting up a Winlink Gateway using LinBPQ

LinBPQ WebMail Client

Instructions for setting up a simple WebMail client system using LinBPQ. This s primarily aimed at providing a Linux Winlink Client with support for Winlink HTML Forms, but could be used for other purposes.

Instructions for setting LinBPQ as a WebMail client for Winlink

Simple KISS Terminal.

This describes how to set up the LinBPQ/TNC_Pi combination to look like a Terminal program connected to a TNC-2 like TNC. This allows the TNC_Pi (or other KISS only TNC) to be used to access a packet network.

Simple KISS Terminal

John Wiseman G8BPQ
November 2018