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Sending Beacons from BPQMail

BPQMail can send two types of Beacons - a "Mail For" message listing the users with unread messages and Message headers from new messages in the format defined in the FBB document "Unproto message lists". Note that the terms Unproto messages and Beacons tend to be used interchangably, as Beacons on ax.25 are sent using UI (Unproto) frames. Mail For messages are send to callsign "MAIL" and Headers to callsign "FBB". Both are enabled by entries in the main Mail Configuration screen (The "Send Mail For Beacons" field and "Enable FBB UI System" checkbox) and configured using the "UI Ports and Digis" Button

The Default Header for Mail For messages is "Mail For:" - this can be overrriden by setting the Mailfor Header field.

The screen lists all your ports that are capable of sending broadcast frames and alongside each is a box where you can enter the calls of any Digipeaters you want to use. The checkbox to the left enables sending beacons and the three checkboxes to the right the type of beacons to send. The first enables "Mail for" and the second the FBB Style headers. Normally "Mail For" won't be sent if thw list of calls is empty - setting the third box enables sending an empty list, ie

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
February 2019