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Holroyd, Wilson and Hopkins

I am currently studying the lives and ideas of Stuart Holroyd, Colin Wilson and Bill Hopkins. They were all identified as Angry Young Men in the 1950s and it is that period in their lives that I’m most interested in; much still remains to be discovered about what they all got up to then.

The So-called Tregerthen Horror

Colin Wilson moved to Cornwall in the spring of 1957. He lived in a cottage near Mevagissey for two years and then moved to nearby Gorran Haven. Paul Newman wrote a biography of Frank Baker who lived in the area for several years. I was introduced to the so-called Tregerthen Horror as a result of reading that book and became fascinated by it, but my research convinced me that the account of Ka Cox’s death contained in Newman book The Tregerthen Horror is completely false.

Philosophical interests

My doctoral dissertation was on Frege’s notion of an unsaturated expression. This led me to criticise Rumfitt's theory of predication. While working on my thesis, I read some of Popper's works for the first time and was converted to critical rationalism. The main focus of my research for many years was on testimony and I developed an anti-justificationist account of how people respond to other people’s assertions. This led to the formation of the short-lived Electric Monk Research Group. I taught a third-year module at the University of Birmingham for several years on the philosophy of cognitive science which was heavily influenced by my interest in critical rationalism and in which I presented my ideas on testimony and the limitations of artificial intelligence.

Computing interests

I also taught Haskell for many years and still write programs in it for my own amusement. I became interested in combinatory logic while working on my doctoral thesis and was surprised to learn many years later that functional programming languages can be implemented by being translated into combinatory logic. The heart of this process is a bracket abstraction algorithm and I developed a new one which has a number of interesting properties. I am also a keen user of LaTeX and have even written a book about it.

Further information

I have written about most of the topics mentioned above and you can look at my publications if you are interested in pursuing any of them. Please email me at with any comments you may have.

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