Adam Boulter

Frequently Asked Questions

(The Answers)

    The work is for sale.

    Everything with a red dot is sold.


    I take on commissions.


    I run occasional workshops.


    The prices of works vary depending upon a number of factors (not just size). However, as a rough guide, a drawing on paper might start at £180 and will probably cost no more than £800 unless it is huge and complex, a watercolour  or pastel will start at about £240 and go to £1’200, an oil painting will be between £600 and £6,000. I realise those are quite vague but do please contact me if you are interested.


    Many of the works in this gallery are already sold and while I work to commission I do not make copies of old work to order (sorry, it just rarely works).

    It is always good to hear from interested people who can’t or don’t want to buy but would like to get in touch with me and talk more about the work.