Reverend Arthur William Evelyn McComb

My mother's father, Arthur William Evelyn McComb, was born at 2 Esdelle Terrace, Beccles, Suffolk in 1883. His father, William Taylor McComb, was a doctor. He was educated at Fauconberge School and Durham University and became a Church of England clergyman. He married Muriel Alice Sophia Osman in Croydon in 1910, after meeting her in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada. He ministered mostly in Norwich but also in Canada and the West Indies. His entry in the 1935 edition of the Crockford's clerical directory includes:

Univ. of Edin. 1901. Late Exhib. of Hatf. Coll. Dur. B.A. 1904, M.A. 1907. Can. Sch. Linc. d 1907, p 1908 Linc. [F in Army] C. of St. Pet.-at-Gowts, Linc. 1907-09; Miss. at Hopewell w Hillsborough and Harvey, N.B. 1909-11; C. of St. Andr. Croydon, 1911-15; R of Ohsweken, Ont. 1915-18; C of St. M.-at-Stoke, Ipswich, 1920-23; R. of St. John, Maddermarket, and Chap. St. Aug. Lodge, Nor. 1923-30; R. of St. Marg. w St. Swithin, City and Dio. Nor. from 1930. Chap. Norfolk and Nor. Hosp. from 1930.
The Anglican Church Synod Journals for New Brunswick mention him a few times:
1909 - Rev Arthur William Evelyn McComb came to New Brunswick and was licensed in this province 23 Aug 1909 to conduct sevices.
1910 - McComb had his MA and had been ordained 20 Dec 1908. The rectory was at Riverside, Albert county and across from the present day St Alban's church.
1911 - In the Bishop's report it is stated McComb had resigned 28 February 1911 and had returned to England.

The Canadian church archives in Ontario have a few details of his appointment there:

On file are letters of testimonial signed by clergy and countersigned by the Archbishop of Canterbury dated 16 February 1915. These were addressed to the Rt. Rev. David Williams.
The Deputy Superintendent General, Duncan Scott a noted Canadian poet, gave his approval to the nomination of Mr. McComb as Incumbent of the Mission of St. Peter's, Ohsweken and the Parish of St. Luke's, Delaware. 12 April 1917. Mr. McComb resigned from St. Peter's and St. Luke's on March 5th, 1918, becoming effective on the 20th day of May, 1918
On leaving Ohsweken, their departure ceremony included being given Mohawk names: this was recorded in the local papers. They lived in Croydon after returning from Ohsweken and my mother was born there in 1920. During a year's leave of absence, he was a missionary in Tortola, West Indies. He wrote a report about his travels for the Norfolk papers.

The Norwich parishes are fairly central: see NFHS - Map of Parishes in Norwich.

Father McComb died suddenly in 1939 and his death was reported in the local papers: this report is taken from the Eastern Daily Press. An editorial and a later addendum gave a few more details of his ministry in Norwich. Reports in the paper recorded that his funeral was well attended by clergy and parisioners.

His wife Muriel died shortly afterwards, early in 1940: her death was also reported.

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