Ludovic McL. Mann, Earliest Glasgow: A temple of the moon

Mann Publishing Co., London & Glasgow, 1938.

The author was a respected amateur archaeologist and a former President of the Glasgow Archaeological Society. At the same time he had some highly unorthodox theories, which are described in IGR occasional paper no. 7 on this website, and in the article by Graham Ritchie.

In the first part of Earliest Glasgow Mann applies his theories to his native city. The second and third parts briefly describe the science and beliefs of the civilization which, as he firmly believed, existed in prehistoric times.

Mann never wrote up his theories in detail and it is therefore difficult to assess them. Earliest Glasgow seems unfinished, breaking off abruptly in a discussion of geometrical symbolism.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Prelims (including Contents)
Earliest Glasgow
How Old is Civilisation?
The Celestial Spheres
Front cover of Earliest Glasgow
Title page of Earliest Glasgow