Ludovic Mann, A Forgotten Researcher (articles by Mann, ed. M. Behrend)

Occasional Paper No. 7, Institute of Geomantic Research, Bar Hill, Cambridge, 1977.

First publication of three articles by the unorthodox Glasgow archaeologist Ludovic McLellan Mann, with a brief discussion of his work in alternative archaeology.

Copyright was assigned to the IGR, which no longer exists. No copyright is claimed in the introduction.

More information about Mann’s life and work can be found in the late Graham Ritchie’s article “Ludovic McLellan Mann (1869–1955): ‘the eminent archaeologist’”, which is available online (PDF) or in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 132 (2002), 43–64.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Introduction (by Michael Behrend)
Salisbury Plain – an Astronomical Blackboard
Vestiges of a Lost Civilization: II
Chapter VI: The Celestial Spheres
Notes (by Michael Behrend)
Front cover
Salisbury Plain
Figures 1–6 of “The Celestial Spheres” are in the text.
The eclipse in 2983 B.C. (newspaper article by Mann)
Comments on Mann’s eclipse theory in Nature
Three letters to Country Life on alignments (K.H. Koop, S.E. Scammell, L.McL. Mann)