Modern Foreign Languages Project/Project Leads

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The 'Linguistics in Modern Foreign Languages' Project is a co-ordinated by colleagues at Anglia Ruskin University, Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, and Westminster

Prof. Adam Ledgeway
(University of Cambridge)
Project Advisor
Dr Norma Schifano
(University of Cambridge)
Project Manager and Lead - Italian, Greek
Dr Michelle Sheehan
(Anglia Ruskin University)
Project Manager and Lead - Portuguese

Dr Alice Corr
(University of Birmingham)
Project Lead - Spanish
Dr Anna Havinga
(University of Bristol)
Project Lead - German
Dr Jonathan Kasstan
(University of Westminster)
Project Lead - French

The project also benefits from expertise and materials developed by colleagues working in different fields of Modern Languages study

Dr Theresa Biberauer
(University of Cambridge)
Dr Nicholas Catasso
(Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
Dr Xuhiu Hu
(Peking University)
Dr Martin Schäfer
(Anglia Ruskin University)
Dr Hui Zhao
(University of Nottingham)