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BPQ32 APRS Digipeater and APRS-IS Gateway


BPQ32 now includes an APRS-style digipeater (ie "New Paradigm" digipeating), and an APRS-IS Gateway. The gateway can use any of your ax.25 ports (but not Winmor/Pactor/V4 ports). Crossband digipeating is supported.


The code is enabled by adding an "APRSDIGI" section to BPQ32.cfg. There is a commented example below. Note that if you enable the APRSDIGI on a port, you should normally disable the normal BPQ32 beacon and Digi functions on that port by setting DIGIFLAG=0 and omitting UNPROTO.

Sample Config


 StatusMsg=BPQ32 IGate Skigersta

 Symbol=a         ; Icon to display for station.
 Symset=B         ; This is a "B" in a Red Diamond. 

 ;    Specify a Dest Addreess and Path for each port you want to use for APRS. No dest means receive only port
 ;    Ports without an APRSPath statement will not be used by the Digi
 ;    Note if you specify APRS as the destination call it will be replaced by the current BPQ32 APRS
 ;    identification destination - APBPQ1. If you really want to send APRS, specify APRS-0. 
  APRSPath 1=                         ; Receive only port
  APRSPath 7=APRS,WIDE1-1             ; Dest and up to 8 digis
  BeaconInterval=30                   ; Send Beacon every 30 minute. Minimum is 5 mins
  MobileBeaconInterval=2              ; Beacon interval when moving

 ;    Define Crossport Digi. For each port, a list of ports to send a packet to (IS means send to APRS-IS)
 ;    If a Digimap isn't specified for a port, digi out on the port the packet arrived on,
 ;        and send to APRS-IS (if enabled)
 ;    If you want to digi on same port, but not send to APRS-IS, Specify Digimap n=n 
 ;    If you dont want to digi on a port, specify Digimap n=
 ;    If you only have one APRS port, you probably don't need a Digimap statement

 Digimap 1=9            ; Packets from 1 to 9, but not APRS-IS
 Digimap 7=7,9,IS       ; Packets from 7 to 7, 9 and APRS-IS
 Digimap 9=             ; Don't digi packets received on port 9
 ;    Define Digipeating parameters
 TraceCalls=WIDE,TRACE  ; Calls for CALLN-n Processing with Trace
 FloodCalls=GBR         ; Calls for CALLN-n Processing without Trace
 DigiCalls=SKIG         ; Calls for Normal (ie no SSID manipulation) Digi
                        ; For a Local "Fillin" Digi, you could include WIDE1-1 and leave out TraceCalls and FloodCalls
 ReplaceDigiCalls       ; Replace DigiCalls with APRSCall. Omit if you want the call to be left as it is received.
 MaxTraceHops=2         ; Max value of n in CALLN-n processing. If a packet is received with n greater than
 MaxFloodHops=2         ; this, the value will be replaced BEFORE it is decremented.

 ;    Specify position. You can specify a fixed LAT/LONG, or use GPS

 LAT=5828.50N           ; Must be in standard APRS Format (ddmm.mmN/S)
 LON=00612.70W          ; Must be in standard APRS Format (dddmm.mmE/W)

 GPSPort=0              ; if specified, lat/lon will be taken from a GPS,
 GPSSpeed=0             ; overriding the values set above.

 ; The Digi can generate Object and Item reports. 
 ; The format is pretty strict - a single space between param=value pairs,
 ; a comma but no spaces in PATH and PORT string.
 ; Minimum interval is 10 mins. You can have as many OBJECT lines as you need.
 ; See thr APRS specification for information on how to format an Object or Item string.
 OBJECT PATH=APRS,WIDE1-1 PORT=1,IS INTERVAL=30 TEXT=;444.80BPQ*111111z5807.60N/00610.63Wr%156 R15m
 ; IGATE Params. If specified you will gate RF packets and your beacons to APRS-IS

 ISHost=england.aprs2.net    ; APRS-IS Host Name. May be either an IPV4 or an IPV6 Host
 ISPort=14580                ; Normal port for a filtered feed
 ISPasscode=nnnnn            ; If you don't already have a passcode I can issue you one.
 ; You can specify a filter command to be sent when you log on to APRS-IS. Normally you don't
 ; need one. The APRS Mapping Application (BPQAPRS) sets a filter when it starts,
 ; and if you aren't running an APRS application, there isn't much point in getting info from APRS-IS
 ;ISFilter=m/50              ; Filter Command if needed

John Wiseman G8BPQ
April 2012