Quivers, Clusters, Moduli and Stability

9th–13th January 2023, University of Oxford

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Since its inception, algebraic geometry would translate its problems, such as the study of sheaves or vector bundles on algebraic varieties, to problems in pure algebra, such as the study of representations of quivers. It is often possible to take methods which were developed to solve a geometric problem and apply them to solve an algebraic problem, or vice versa. This translation frequently involves homological methods, for example the consideration of derived categories, which are interesting and powerful tools in their own right.

The primary aim of this meeting is to foster interactions between geometers and algebraists, so that problems and methods can be shared between these communities. It also serves to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. Alastair King. In the course of his long academic career, he has made a number of highly significant and original contributions to algebraic geometry, representation theory, and to the relationship between them.




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