Perverse schobers and categorical structures in algebraic geometry

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UPDATE(13-Mar-2020):  Regretfully, due to the escalating situation with the coronavirus epidemic we have made the decision to postpone our school/workshop “Perverse schobers and categorical structures in algebraic geometry” which was due to take place in Cardiff on Mon 30th Mar - 3rd Apr 2020

We have been watching the situation carefully and it was our hope that we might still be able to go ahead with the school/workshop. However, in the last week the situation had changed drastically. Travel restrictions were put in place in many countries and universities affecting a number of our speakers. Moreover, yesterday Cardiff University issued a new set of guidelines which, in particular, demand that all major conferences with a significant proportion of international participants are conducted virtually.

In these circumstances, we have no choice but to postpone the school/workshop. We apologise to all for this major inconvenience. We will announce the new date for the school/workshop as soon as the situation with the coronavirus epidemic stabilises worldwide.

This meeting consists of a school for graduate students and a workshop. Its focus is on certain new developments at the intersection of algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and geometric representation theory. Specifically, the notion of perverse schobers due to Kapranov and Schechtman. Conceptually, these are perverse sheaves of triangulated categories on a stratified topological space. Due to the limitations of the machinery, they are presently obtained by taking the quiver-representational data of a perverse sheaf of vector spaces and categorifying it via enhanced triangulated categories. The resulting notion has many instances and applications in representation theory, birational geometry, mirror symmetry, geometric invariant theory, etc. Our school would give an introduction to perverse schobers and the necessary background material, and our workshop would report on the latest research developments.




Anyone interested is welcome to attend. We can offer some support for accommodation and travel of junior participants.
Registration information would be made available once the new dates are chosen for the school/workshop.


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