2CinC: Cow and Calf in Cardiff

Thu 23rd - Fri 24th February 2017, Cardiff University

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This workshop intends to bring together the participants of the COW algebraic geometry seminar and CALF, its graduate student offspring, for a two-day joint meeting in Cardiff. We aim to expose our more junior participants to a cross-section of current research interests in UK and European algebro-geometrical community, while giving them an opportunity to present their own results and receive potentially useful feedback. More generally, we hope to encourage interaction and collaboration across the herd regardless of individual bovinity.




Anyone interested is welcome to attend. We can offer some support for accommodation and travel of junior participants.

Please register by 6th February 2016 by writing to either of the contact addresses below, specifying your affiliation, arrival/departure dates and (for PhD students) a description of your research topic.


Further questions and inquiries, including those about the financial support, can be addressed to:

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@ School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG, United Kingdom
Funded by the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and Cardiff University