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These lists are based on those of FHF Simpson (1937, Wayfarers' Journal, 5, 18-24) and Edward (Ted) Moss (1940, RCJ, IX, 239-243; 1952, RCJ, XII, 67-70; 1954, RCJ, XII, 276). It includes all summits in:

The original grouping of the mountains has been retained.

The names of some mountains have been changed to agree with those of the Nuttalls, with the exception of Cadair Berwyn N Top and Cadair Berwyn S Top; the latter is in no way a New Top, since it appeared in the list of 1940. The names used in the original list are also given.

Grid references have been added. In some cases these differ slightly from those in recent lists and I have made no attempt to harmonise. Their importance is only in identifying the immediate area of a peak; its summit can only be found on the ground.

The heights have been updated to agree with the Nuttalls list. For other summits I have updated those for which I have later information, but none should be regarded as definitive.

Those later lists on which mountains have appeared are indicated by the abbreviations B, N, R, S and W. Those added to Simpson's list for the Lake District by Edward Moss are labelled "EM". I have even added, quite uncritically, a few labelled "REM", since I have visited or hope to visit them. Nothing on Edward Moss's or Simpson's lists has been removed. Tops that have been added to these original lists are indicated as "New" and for these it should be clear from which later list they have been added. I have not indicated which mountains appear on Dewey's list, since it includes nothing new, although one of his rejects has not appeared on other published reject lists; one merit of his book is that he does recognise that there were lists before that of Bridge, even if he does not reference them all.

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