By Michael Grant

The beads of Bargra have invaded the city and you alone can defeat them! To this end the masters of Phar have given you an Excelsior Yu.

X*L*C*R is a game I wrote for the BBC Microcomputer in 1991. It's a bit like a cross between Tetris and Snake (see screenshot below). It was released by ProAction in the compilation Play It Again Sam 19.

"We were impressed by the presentation and found it fun to play. Certainly it is unique in its concept."

—Superior Software


BBC Micro version. Since this Unix webserver can't store BBC file information, you'll need to set the load address manually to &1400, and the execution address to &3E01.

PC version, written by my brother Darren for PCs running Linux. Requirements: i386, svgalib, superuser status.


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