I write wrote science fiction and fantasy in my spare time; you can read my vignette "Here Is The News" in Neometropolis 0x04; and here is an even shorter example of my writing.

Writing related links:
SF Writing related newsgroups (not a definitive list!):
Here's some links I've found useful when doing research for my writing:
Scientific American
New Scientist
Greg Egan's Home Page
Dyson Sphere FAQ
Views of the Solar System (and much information thereupon besides)
rec.arts.sf.science quick-and-dirty FAQ
Relativity and FTL Travel: Introduction
Alcubierre Waves (A real life Star-Trek-style warp drive)
Krasnikov Tubes (why Alcubierre waves can't actually be used)
Transhuman Technologies
The Language Construction Kit
Languages & Symbols
History. The essay "Mediaeval Historiography: Dark Rooms and Dry Straw" here is particularly fascinating.
On the fall of the Roman Empire: Decadence, Rome and Romania, the Emperors Who Weren't, and Other Reflections on Roman History
1997 CIA World Factbook