Michael Seán Grant


Here's a (reasonably) up-to-date representation of me:


...And here's a rather more out-of-date one:


I recently dabbled with first green, then blue hair:


Take a moment to reflect on this:


...Before you plunge into the madness of cabbage-duelling:


...or even cabbage-sacrificing:


I tried once drawing myself:

You should be glad you're using a textual browser (or got images switched off) and thus missing the hideous [INLINE] image here.
Your probable reaction.

This Figure, that thou here feeft put, //
  It was for gentle <strike>Shakespeare</strike>Michael cut; //
Wherein the Grauer had a ftrife //
  with Nature, to out-doo the life: //
O, could he but haue drawne his wit //
  As well in braffe, as he hath hit //
His face; the Print would then furpaffe //
  All, that was euer write in braffe. //
But, fince he cannot, Reader, looke //
  Not on his Picture, but his Booke.

With apologies to Ben Jonson.
(The Booke is pending. :-))

Alternatively, you might prefer my flatmate's interpretation of me:

[INLINE] This one's devilishly good.

It has a satan je ne sais quoi, don't you think?

Note the backwards-masked satanic verses, in the best tradition of heavy metal. (Two points for anyone who can work out what they say.)

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