Jewish interests

[Assif logo]I davened, when I lived in London, at Assif, an egalitarian minyan loosely affiliated with the New North London Synagogue, which I can't recommend highly enough for its plentiful, beautiful, harmonious singing.
[icon] Here are such notes as I've taken at Jewish learning events I've attended since 2004. Some of them are surprisingly cool.
Wandering Jews Wandering Jews is a grassroots group set up by Naomi Soetendorp, Joseph Finlay and Sargam Picker in London in 2005. It meets once a month for Friday night services and potluck vegetarian meals, and never returns to the same place twice (hence the name). There is a strong philosophy of "your house, your rules"—Naomi describes WJ as "a little bit Fight Club, a little bit minyan, almost 100% good"—and it has now spawned daughter groups in Denver, Jerusalem, Brussels and Berlin, where I run the group.

Some years ago I compiled a Friday night siddur for WJ; read about it and download your own copy.
[MAROM logo]I am update: was a regular at Marom, the Masorti young adults group.