Lethargic Man's Afpmeet Photographs

This is Michael Grant's afpmeet photo archive, as (mostly) hosted (and ta muchly for which) by .

Some of the latest batch of photos seem a little dark. I've turned the brightness up on some of them; if the others still appear too dark there's nothing stopping you doing so for them too...

I'm having difficulty remembering who everyone is; so if you're on these photographs and labelled with a question mark, please of your identity! :-) Any other would be welcome too.

In chronological order:
o Cambridge 1.something: Formal Hall at Trinity College, May 1995
o Birmingham 1.0, December 1995
o Cambridge 1.5, November 1996
o Edinburgh 1.0, March 1997
o Clarecraft Discworld Event, August 1997
o Afp Hogswatch party, December 1997
o Edinburgh 2.0, July 1998
o Discworld Convention 2, September 1998
o Afp Hogswatch party, December 1998
o Clarecraft Discworld Event, August 1999

Ob[icon]: If you're looking for the original of this image, it isn't located in this archive; I took it from Eelco's photos, and doctored it a little make it more comprehensible in miniature.

Cambridge Formal Hall in Trinity College, June 1995

Meet report pending (this antedates afp being archived at Dejanews).

o People gathering beforehand. Left to right of visible faces: Andrew "Nyarlathotep" Mobbs, ?, Richard Kettlewell, Vivek Desmohaptra, Kat Harris, Tom Pearson (hair only visible!), Simon Callan, Colette Reap, myself.
o Everyone in Trinity Great Court (bar David Damerell, who turned up late). That's Timid Toad, Reckless Rat, Artful Owl and Batty Bat (back row): Andrew Mobbs, Andrew Holmes (?), Tony Finch, ?, Tom Pearson, Owen Dunn, Richard Kettlewell, myself; (front row): William Hague dunno, Dan Staines, Mark Staples (?), Duncan Macgregor, Vivek Desmohaptra, Colette Reap, Alan Bellingham, Emmet O'Brien, Simon Callan, Kat Harris.
o The hedgehog, it would appear, can never be buggered at all.
o Dinner!
o The resident photographer (Allan Bellingham).
o Duncan Macgregor.
o Kat Harris.
o Richard Kettlewell and Kat.
o Vivek Desmohaptra, Colette Reap and Simon Callan.
o Port-quaffing in Ftony's room.

Birmingham pubmeet, December 1995

Oh yeah, this was the one I forgot to bring my camera for. Ooops. :-( Meet report pending (this antedates afp being archived at Dejanews).

Cambridge pubmeet, November 1996

Oh yeah; this was the one I realised halfway there on the train I'd left my camera behind. Ooops.:-( Scanned in your photos yet, you-know-who-you-are? Meet report pending (it seems not to have been archived at Dejanews).

Edinburgh 1.0

On 19th March 1997, I combined a birthday party and afpmeet.

o Piccy - left to right, Adrian Hurt (of "The Turtle Moves" rocket fame), Craig Garvie (a lurker), Allan Third (a lurker), Leighton Pritchard (the Strathclyde Duck), Jennifer (Leighton's girlfriend), Andrew Mobbs (Nyarlafpthotep), Duncan MacGregor, and Neil Calder (Irn Bru Pisshead... and look what he's got in his hand :-) ).
o Random Companion and Duncan keep us amused blowing bubbles.
o Craig follows suite.
o Random's worried look. Hardly surprising, when you see what's on her right -- he's still at the Irn Bru!
o Deena Mobbs and Jason (Random's slave).
o Jason (wearing a "Property of Random Companion" T-shirt) and Spike (not to be confused with Spike

Clarecraft Discworld Event, August 1997

...in a field in Suffolk. Onna stick. Inna bun.

Disclaimer:- All bar the last of the daylight photos were not taken by me, so I claim no responsibility for the quality of the photographs.

o Colette displays her chainmail finery.
o (Some of) the afpers in the Masquerade -- Loriba as Emberella and Rob the Ergonomist as Achmed the I Just Get These Headaches, complete with Liber Paginarum Fulvarum and camel.
o A very short tempered Queen Ynci returns from vanquishing Pterry.
o Pterry cabbage-duelling with Malcolm Wossname (for reasons which are explained here. (Pterry won).
o Gabriel auditions for a part in a Western...
o Michelena and Void, with Emmet looking on and Alan trying to hide his water-gun.
o Gabriel pumps Michelena up (oo-er).
o Pyromania.
o People at the bonfire - left to right, Bugsy, FTony, Loriba and Mike Knell.
o Jos Dingjan.
o Rob Collier.
o One rather sunburnt Adrian Hurt, along with his Discworld rocket (complete with elephants and turtle).
o Pterry launching the Discworld rocket
o The Turtle Moves! (Close-up of the above.)
o The Turtle (when not Moving).
o People relaxing in the shade -- Gid Holyoake and Penny Parkin and Cybercat (?) and ?
o Michelena and ? and... just who was that person with the chicken on their shoulder?
o Björn and Bugsy
o Joann Dominik getting lots of attention. (Colm, ? and Claire (Colm's (?) girlfriend.)
o People relaxing in the shade -- Gabriel and ? and Bryan and Karen "pronounce- my- surname- wrong- and- the- bunny- gets- it" Kruzycka and Paul Rood (?) and Simes.
o Claire and Ftony and Kitten (Kat Knight) and Gabriel and ? and ?
o ?, ?, ppint. (in the background) and Gabriel.

Here are some other archives of CCDE pictures:-
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Afp Hogswatch Party 1997

...in Hammersmith, London.

o Susan Cooper and Colette Reap
o Loriba (Lottie Barber).
o Lynne Morgan having a really good time.
o Lots of people -- left to right: Esmi, the Fat Aardvark, Frugal the Curious, ?, ?, Colette Reap, Alan Bellingham, Diane Duane, ?, ?, Ydris (?)
o TOT Marina
o Me! :-)
o Half of Esmi, and The Fat Aardvark

Edinburgh 2.0

On 26th July 1998 an afpmeet was held, including a ferry trip to Inchcolm island, in the Firth of Forth. Most of the photos and commentary below are Adrian Hurt's; sorting and scanning is not yet complete. More photos will follow when I get my own film developed.

o Spike the hedgehog (not to be confused with Spike the hedgehog) samples Grymma's chocolate-coated strawberries.
o Seems Spike likes them, too.
We're off to see the wizzard island.
o On the ferry. Left to right: Hannes Reinecke, Grymma, Michael Grant, Adrian Hurt.
o The Forth Rail Bridge as seen from below.
o Oil platform.
o One of several islands in the Firth of Forth.
o An islet.
o Guess...
o Inchcolm.
o St Colm's abbey seen from the ferry.
o The same, seen from the grass.
o The same, seen from the other side of the island.
o Looking from the abbey's tower towards the WW2 gun batteries.
o A picture inside the abbey.
o Another shot inside, us standing behind a table
o One of the rewards of braving the dwarf staircases.
o Edinburgh Castle as seen through the drizzle.
o View from one of the bunkers. The castle is somewhere there.
o In the pub.
o Flora and fauna:

Discworld Convention 2, September 1998

in Liverpool, on Sunday (1/2 ppoint).

o Concentrated Effence of EMMET O'BRIEN; Inna Bottle. One Teafpoon Onlie Before Bedde, And That Smalle.
o Suzi Holyoake dishing out free drugs. (Well, chocolate really.)
o John Barberio cringing from TOT Marina.
o Michelena Riosa.
o Penny Parkin.
o Leo Barium, Sarah Bonnett, Thomas Pratchett and Darren Davidson (oook!).
o Rocky Frisco.
o Peter Ellis befriends Rocky's racoon.
o David Langford, Diane Duane and Alan Bellingham.
o Filking the night away
o Leo Barium, Cybercat (?), Tap and LNR.
o Glenn Andrews, myself and Julia Jones.
o The mummy-wrapping contest. Note Peter's Queen Victoria impression...

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Afp Hogswatch Party 1998

...also in Hammersmith, London.

o Bryan eating a pig (memory fails me :-) -- though it doesn't appear to be the first time he's done something like this...
o Adrian Wragg demonstrating to MegaMole that he is in fact a dragon and can breathe fire.
o Dog (flanked by Ailbhe, Simon Callan and Pthomas).
o paul (Warwick) and Johanna Kennedy
o Julia Harris and (IIRC) Piers Forrest (Madpierre)
o Glenn Andrews

o Nick Cauldfield's Hogswatch '98 pictures

Clarecraft Discworld Event, August 1999

Also in that field in Suffolk.

I didn't take many pictures here, due to the batteries vanishing from my camera :-(, but here's a selection from the ones I did take.

o Hmm, now which one is the real Dave Hodges (aaargh!), I wonder?
o The stick and bucket dance.
o The Morris dancers -- left to right: Malachy, Tachyon, Dooferlad, Alex Carlton, Judith (Naomi's Mum), Gid Holyoake, Alex Page, Naomi, Garner.
o A Nac Mac Feegle. (Well, it was supposed to be two, but it was a shot from the hip and I missed the other one.) Those darn nac mac feegle always get away!

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