Reminiscences of Bateman Brown, J.P.

Peterborough Advertiser Company, Peterborough, 1905

Bateman Brown (1823–1909) was the son of Potto Brown, a wealthy flour miller and philanthropist of Houghton, Hunts. Bateman followed his father both in the milling business and in philanthropic works. Between them they helped to found Trinity Church, Huntingdon and the Free Church, St Ives, and built flour mills in both towns. Like his father, Bateman Brown was a strong Liberal and Nonconformist, and his reminiscences record, among other things, his battles against the predominant Tory and Church of England influence in the area. He was successful enough to become Mayor, at different times, of both Huntingdon and St Ives.

Although this book was published in 1905, it is based on articles written for the Peterborough Advertiser in 1895–6. A CD-ROM containing this book and two others is available from the Houghton & Wyton Local History Society.

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