Patrick Moore & Bob Forrest, More Things in Heaven and Earth

First published on this website, 2015. Copyright © 2015 Bob Forrest and the estate of Sir Patrick Moore.

A book about the beliefs of some independent thinkers. As Bob Forrest explains in the Preface, it was originally planned as a sequel to Patrick Moore’s book Can You Speak Venusian? (1972).

E-book cover
1. Charles Fort and the Forteans
2. Earth not a Globe!
3. The Hollow Earth and Hollow Moons
4. The Puerto Rico Lozenge
5. Visitors from Space?
6. The Mystery of the Great Pyramid
7. Ancient Astronomy?
8. Blueprint for the Solar System
9. Zodiacs
10. What the Stars Foretell
11. One Finger, One Thumb …
12. The Little People
13. Occult Chemistry and Psychic Archaeology
14. Catastrophists in Collision
15. Dinosaurs, Comets and Earthquakes
16. Of Solectrics and Other Matters
17. Pole Tilting
18. Odds and Ends