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Times, 9 June 1924, p. 6 col. B
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Roman post-stations in Gloucs. (StC. Baddeley)




Sir,—In 1918–19, attention having been drawn to the finding of a number of flint arrow-heads, &c., along the escarpment to the rear of the George Inn at Birdlip, Glos. (1700, the King’s Head), by the landlord, I called upon him, and was surprised to find among his discoveries a Roman-British flue-tile, which he told me he took out of a bank much closer to the house and which the lawn improvements had cut into. Having for 20 years strongly suspected that, either at this point or near by it at the crown of the great road, there should have been an official Post and Guardhouse, I now urged that a careful scrutiny might be kept in case of further digging or alterations to the site. The landlord (Mr. D. Bearup), kindly keeping this in mind, had occasion lately to make an opening there. From it he has now produced for me not merely good Samian ware and the best black and gray potteries of early date, but abundant painted wall-plaster in four good tints—purple, ochre, pale blue, and chrome—and two Roman-British horseshoes, together with a square champfered impost (2ft. square); otherwise, evidence fully sufficient to satisfy us that throughout the Roman occupation the head of the great hill here above Witcombe and its villa was officially and solidly guarded.

To this it may be now added that, almost at the same later date (or last month), my attention became called to another Roman-British site, above Duntisbourne Abbots, also close to this great road, and but five miles (Roman) short of Cirencester (Corinium). This site evidently commanded long central sweeps of the Irmin Street, being situated on the very crest of a steep hill. Here, likewise, we have no reason to suppose a villa, but a statio. Roman-British pottery and roof-tiles lie scattered among the now rising oat crop. From among it a good coin of Alexander Severus has come into my possession. It is to be hoped that the local or county archæological society will carefully carry through a scientific exploration of this latter site when the present crop is gathered. A wall has already been located there. These road-guarding post-stations give added interest to the great roads.
I am yours faithfully,


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