Running Spider DX Cluster with LinBPQ

Install Spider. You can find N6FW's instructions here.
You can ignore the last paragraph, as ax.25 connections are made via LinPBQ.

LinBPQ includes an Application Interface that allows connections to TCP clients running on the same machine. This can be used to connect from LinBPQ to spider. You need to configure both LinBPQ and Linux

LinBPQ Configuration

Allocate a TCP port for the link to spider. You can use any that aren't used by other programs. In this example I use 63000. Add a CMDPORT line to the Telnet Server config listing the port

CMDPORT 63000       ;

Add  APPLICATION Line. These assume your Telnet Port is port 2.


You can add the usual Callsign, Alias and Quality params if you want spider to be accessible  from other nodes on  the network.

Linux Configuration

Add a line to /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf for spider


# Local services
bpqspider        63000/tcp   # BPQ to Spider Link


bpqspider   stream   tcp   nowait   sysop   /spider/src/client client login ax25

Restart inetd - sudo killall -1 inetd

John Wiseman G8BPQ
November 2014