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BPQ32 Web Server


BPQ32 now has a basic Web Interface option. This provides Browser access to some node status displays, and a simple Web Terminal for access to the Network. It can also act as Web Server for other BPQ32 Applications, such as APRS


The Web Server runs as part of the Telnet Server, so you must have a Telnet port configured to use it. To enable Web access, add the line


to the Telnet Port Configuration.

The Terminal uses the USER definitions from the Telnet Port for authentication.

The basic server does not require any files, but some pages can be changed by placing files in folder HTML, below your BPQ32 Data Directory:

index.html                   Home page when BPQAPRS.exe is running
indexnoaprs.html             Home page when BPQAPRS.exe is not running
nodemenu.html                Menu for Node pages
favicon.ico                  Icon for Web Pages

Sample files can be downloaded from here

If you run the APRS Application, the web server can present APRS information.

John Wiseman G8BPQ
June 2012