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BPQ32 OLE (Active-X) Control.


This document applies to BPQCTRL.OCX, Version

Although all the API functions can be called from Visual Basic, it is difficult to handle the Windows messages needed for async operation. So I produced the BPQCTRL.OCX interface, which maps the async notifications to OLE Events. Most of the API functions are also mapped to OLE Properties or Methods, although there are some minor differences in names and parameter types.

NB Remenber that even in 32 bit VB, integers are 16 bits. Numeric Parameters are all longs.

Most of my testing has been with VB Version 4.

Properties and Methods

System Information

String GetVersion();

Returns the version of BPQCTRL.OCX

String BPQDirectory

long FreeBuffers

long NumberofPorts

String NodeCall

String NodeAlias

String BBSCall

String BBSAlias

String ApplCall(long Appl);

ApplAlias(long Appl);

ApplQual(long Appl);

Stream Allocation

long FindFreeStream();

void SetFlags(long Stream, long Mask, long Flags);

Note that the Mask and Flags parameters are the opposite way round to the BPQ32 API. This wasn't intended, but there are now too many programs around to correct it. So be careful!

long DeallocateStream(long Stream);

Session Control

long Connect(long Stream);

long Disconnect(long Stream);

void ReturntoNode(long Stream);

Data Handling

String GetData(long Stream);

long SendData(long Stream, String Message, long Length);

Note that messages will be transmitted 'on-air' as sent by the application, ie the application is responsible for PACLEN. The application may use GetStreamPaclen to determine what the node recommends, but this is not enforced. The maximum length is 256 bytes, and frames larger than this will be ignored. Normally length should be limited to 236, to avoid fragmentation when passed over a NETROM link.

Session Information

long ConnectState(long Stream);

Returns 1 if Stream is connected, 0 otherwise.

String Callsign(long Stream);

long GetStreamPort(long Stream);

long GetStreamPaclen(long Stream);

long GetStreamType(long Stream);

Value Returned (if Stream is connected) is a combination of :


long GetStreamMaxframe(long Stream);

long GetStreamL4Window(long Stream);

long GetMonCount(long Streeam);

long GetRXCount(long Stream);

long GetTXCount(long Stream);

long SendRaw(long Port, String Msg, long Length);

Monitor Decode Functions:

There are two sets of monitoring functions. One returns the classic BPQ decode, and the other the format used by the AGW Packet Engine

String GetMonFrame(long Stream)

String GetMonFrameAndTimeStamp(long Stream, long* Stamp, long* Count)

String DecodeFrame(String Buffer, long Stamp)

String DecodeFrameAGW(String Buffer, long Stamp, long *FrameControl)

String GetAndDecodeMonFrame(long Stream)

String GetAndDecodeAGWFrame(long Stream)


void DataAvail(long Stream);

void MonDataAvail(long Stream);

void Connected(long Stream);

void Disconnected(long Stream);