Henry Liu 廖仲行 (Mathematician)




Some pictures

Me wondering on the campus of The University of Memphis on a quiet Sunday afternoon (with the old University Centre in the background!)

Associate Professor
School of Mathematics, office 707
Sun Yat-sen University
135 Xingang Road W., Haizhu
Guangdong 510275
email: liaozhx5 AT mail DOT sysu DOT edu DOT cn

I am a mathematician originally from Glasgow, Scotland. My area of expertise is graph theory and combinatorics. Since August 2017, I have been an associate professor at Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学), Guangzhou, China. Previously, I held research positions in Lisbon (Portugal), London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), and Budapest (Hungary); I was a PhD student of Professor Béla Bollobás at The University of Memphis (USA); a postgraduate at Trinity College, University of Cambridge (UK); and an undergraduate at University College London, University of London (UK).

Outside of mathematics, one of my personal interests is travelling and experiencing international cultures.

Last Update: 5 June 2024