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Milton Country Park

Best done on foot having driven or biked out to the Milton Country Park. About 3.5 miles to the starting point by car/bike and then about a 2 mile circular walk depending on how many side paths you want to take.

How to get there
By car: You get to the Milton Country Park car park from the small roundabout (also the entrance to Tesco's) at the Cambridge end of Milton village. Follow the signs from there.
Milton village is best reached by following the Milton Road (surprise surprise) to the A14 roundabout and taking the third exit - the Cambridge Road.
By bike: Find the Green Dragon pub in Water Street in Chesterton - see the Riverside walk. Follow the first part of the Baits Bite walk as far as the lock, but don't cross the river. Continue on the riverside towpath as far as Fen Road, where you turn left towards Milton. Cross the railway line. After a few houses you'll reach the field gate and northern pedestrian entrance to the Park, on your left: you are now at the uppermost point on the map below. Although there are some paths you can bike on I'd recommend leaving your bike outside. Start your walk from here rather than the car park.

Photos of the Park

Information about the Park is supplied on the web by the Friends of Milton Country Park. There are two main pits: Todd's to the West and Dickerson's to the East. These were sand and gravel pits until the 1960s.

Click on map for larger version.

The large brown area in the bottom left corner of the map below is the car park. Above it and to the right is the Visitor Centre with lovely views over Todd's Pit (the thinner of the two main pits, marked in blue) from the balcony. Head here for information. Between and a little below the pits is the children's play area.

I suggest walking round the left side of Todd's Pit first. Then turn right through woodland across the top of both pits. Swans nest in the reeds here. Walk all the way round the eastern and southern sides of Dickerson's Pit. Walk up between the pits if you like.
If it's a drink you fancy make your way out of the car park and turn right at the roundabout. There are pubs on the main road some way into Milton - the White Horse and the Lion and Lamb are the nearest. Or you could go shopping at Tesco's. If you are biking and want a different way back, head south on the cycle bridge over the A14 back into Cambridge.

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