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Bridge Analyser uses a double dummy solver about 10 times quicker than Deep Finesse and the current version has multi-processor support - a typical 32 hand duplicate set of boards will be fully processed with double dummy results for 0-13 tricks in all 20 contracts in under 20 seconds on a modern computer with one processor, under 10 seconds with two processors and in a blistering 5 seconds with 4 processors. Dealing also supports multi processor systems so a large number of deals with complex biasing can be created in parallel on each processor.

If you would like to see any new features email me and I will look at including them in the next release.

Bridge analyser is the ideal bridge software for Bridge Clubs, Bridge Teachers and players interested in developing their bidding, play or defensive skills.


Download version (full install) or Download Latest Help file If you have version or later you can just run this upgrade file

Compatibility Info: I have now updated all my code to work with new Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 security requirements, either 32bit or 64 bit versions. An unfortunate side effect is that it now only works with Windows XP or later. (Windows 2000 and earlier will show an error and probably not start, although some server versions will work). If you have a multi core processor it will run using 2 cores on quite low RAM but to use more than 2 cores at once the min RAM requirements are:

> 1Gb to use more than 2 cores at once;

> 2Gb to use more than 4;

> 3Gb to use more than 8 (max = 16 regardless of RAM).

I have not tested it with any other operating system though I know of no reason why it should not work with other systems that have Windows Emulation and I know of users running it on a Mac with Windows VM.


Note upgrades are always free but I charge a nominal £10 for a new serial number when you get a new computer. I think this is fair as you would normally expect several free upgrades between computer changes.

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v2.0.2.1 Launched 26th January 2020:
  • Fixed a bug that caused a memory error on some devices.
v2.0.2.0  Launched 30th December 2019:
  • Rewritten bias code so more flexibility in biasing all 4 hands.
  • Some cosmetic changes.
  • Bug fixed so analysing a saved file in a graph works properly.

Help file updated.
v2.0.1.1 As v but links edited to point to new web host pages.
v2.0.1.0 Launched 30th October 2019:
  • Improved look when using Windows accessibility options or unusual dpi settings (use 96dpi screen setting for best experience).
  • Added code to enable Makeable contracts data to be added to deals that have been saved in the database without that information.
  • Added code to prevent you from revoking when playing a hand.
  • Fixed bug that made sometimes navigation bar disappear when using mouse to move through an open file of deals.
  • A few minor tweaks here and there to improve some options or make popup tips more useful.
v2.0.0.0 Launched 6th June 2017:
  • Changed the software I use to compile the program to Delphi 10.1 Berlin which solved an issue outputting PDF files with embedded fonts under Windows 10.
  • Added ability to use larger or smaller window sizes in adddition to the maximise screen option.
  • Added ability to replay tricks card by card for any hand that has been bid and played (will play to point where you stopped if a claim is made or just not played to the end).
  • Improved ability to drag files Bridge Analyser can open from Windows Explorer to Bridge Analyser.
  • File open screen now has options to recalculate Makeable contracts for all deals in a file as well as than just the one visible.
  • Added option to open folder for saved files in several more menu lists.
  • Tidied up a few cosmetic issues with slightly confusing button captions and similar issues.
  • Fine tuned some of the code to improve efficiency.
  • Fixed a bug on menu display when maximising the program window on large displays.
v1.4.4.0 Launched 31st December 2015:
  • Added standard deviation information to the double dummy results window - just run you mouse over a result to see the degree of certainty in the results.
  • Added the ability to set maximum points per suit as an alternative to minimum points when biasing hands by shape or point count.
  • Altered print code so that export to pdf files works with Windows 10.
  • Improved web page print to include page to page navigation and better layout of stats table.
v1.4.3.0 Launched 20th July 2015:
  • Added ability to save bias settings to a file and reload them later.
  • Added ability to save an auction to a file and reload it later. If the auction file has the same name as a bias file it can also be auto loaded every time you deal a new hand with that bias.
Help file updated.
v1.4.2.0 Launched 20th April 2015:
  • Rewrote code to display picture cards more efficiently (faster and better picture quality) in full screen projector mode.
  • Code for reading LIN files (play records, mainly from BBO) improved to work when cards are stored in reverse order.
  • Full screen projector mode fixed to work better for those who have disabled the Windows task bar.
  • Made some of the print dialogs more user freindly when saving pdf, jpg or html files.
v1.4.1.1 Launched 26th August 2014:
  • Bug fix so new feature to hide bidding box also works when you open a file with bidding already saved.
  • Bug fixed that hid a hand when you clicked to rebid back to an ealier bid when showing all 4 hands during bidding.
v1.4.1.0 Launched 16th August 2014:
  • Updated bidding routines to include more options for opening 2 & 2 and more options for the multi 2.
  • Added option to create an Excel file (*.xls) from some analysis results so those without Excel can open them in free spreadsheet programs like open office. Format is restricted so no fancy card symbols or other formatting.
  • Print dialogs improved to allow easier printing of single pages or page ranges including when creating a pdf file from a print run.
  • Added code to display duplicate results when scrolling through a file that has ScoreTable data.
  • Added option to hide bidding during play (under play options).
  • Added options to hide HCP and/or Losers in the Options menu.
  • Added option to show all 4 hands during bidding.
  • Changed suit order when displaying picture cards so it goes red-black-red-black for easier reading.

Help file updated.

Launched 20th October 2013:
  • Changed handout print code so that it does not use Symbol font (Firefox browsers disabled support for Symbol font so card symbols were not displaying on html web files viewd with FireFox).
  • Bug fix printing stats with landscape orientation.(v1.4.0.5).
  • Added ID string to handouts and curtain cards so easier to match them if printing several sets of hands at a time.(v1.4.0.4).
  • Code to stop users creating an error by starting a new print when another print is paused for file viewing.(v1.4.0.4).
  • Bug fixed to link curtain card deals per page to the print code.(v1.4.0.4).
  • Bug fix where graph filter window could change its size if you toggle back and forth between it and the graph window (v1.4.0.2).
  • Bug fix when editing deals to stop card you are changing going behind another control on the window(v1.4.0.2).
  • Bug fix converting bdg files to PBN format (v1.4.0.1).
v1.4.0.0 Launched 20th June 2013:
  • All print routines rewritten to provide better support for formatted text and symbols.
  • Option added to save a print to a jpg picture file.
v1.3.1.0 Launched 10th March 2013:
  • Option added to allow saving to a bdg file a subset of hands meeting filter conditions you set from the graph window when you graph the contents of an existing file.
  • Bug that prevented saving to Excel from the double dummy window fixed.
  • Changed shutdown procedure to avoid an error if you shut down from the start menu.
  • Options to skip 10 pages at a time or go to a specific page added to print preview..
v1.3.0.0 Launched 10th February 2013:
  • Install routines changed to solve an issue some users had when installing from a user account without install rights on computers with more than one user account.
  • Improved code to speed up some double dummy procedures.
  • A few minor cosmetic changes.
v1.2.5.5 Launched 21st January 2013:
  • BUG FIX: an exception causing the program to hang when exporting a partly played hand to word using the detailed report template if the makeable tricks table and partly played hand diagram are both deleted has been corrected.
v1.2.5.4 Launched 15th December 2012:
  • Added extra error checking so most .lin (VuGraph) and .pbn files with bad, missing or incorrectly formatted data can still be read into Bridge analyser.
  • Graph display for hand shapes now includes button to show frequency of all shapes up to 9 card suits.
  • Play mode changed so you get a chance to change some options when you are letting the computer play or defend.
  • Copy button now excludes the menu in the picture.
  • A few minor cosmetic changes.
v1.2.5.3 Launched 22nd September 2012:
  • Added support to import LIN (VuGraph) files.
  • Can now specify a lead when computer is defending.
  • Added option to play both defenders hands.
  • Bug fixed for loser calculation when importing PBN files
  • Bug fixed when computer plays and you defend.
v1.2.5.2 Launched 22nd June 2012:
  • New print window interface allows creation of PDF and/or HTML files at the same time as printing with default files names to match the underlying Bridge Analyser data file if desired.
  • Printing a single page supported from the preview screen.
  • Cosmetic change to main screen and a couple of other places to give it a cleaner look similar to the look used in file open or input screens.
  • Bug fixed printing overhead slides to a PDF file.
  • New double dummy file used to avoid a RAM recognition problem on 32bit machines with more than 2Gb of RAM.
Help file updated.
v1.2.5.1 Launched 13th May 2012:
  • PBN file compatibility improved to include support for:
    • \C, \D, \H & \S tags now show up as suit ymbols
    • Also added support for bold or italics for text between \b & /b or \i & /i tag pairs, and \n creates a new line;
    • Support for tags preceded with '#' or '##' which get repeated through the file until a new value for the tag is encountered;
    • Procedure to read PBN files changed to cope with missing 'mandatory' tags. Now as long as a deal tag is found the deal will be imported and missing tags ignored or set with default values. Missing dealer will be set to South, missing vul will be set to love all. Since the mandatory first tag of 'Event' may be missing the deal is considered complete as soon as a blank line or a line with one space char is found as well as when the next Event tag is found (whichever is first).
  • Print and export to Word code updated to cope with the added PBN features.
  • Added ability to import PBN files into detailed hand reports (save option from the open file window)
  • Added ability to print hand reports without using Word (but it does not support bullet lists or background colour).
  • Improved save and open dialogs for easier navigation to default Bridge Analyser folder.
  • Fixed bug when opening a PBN file and saving to a new format.
  • Fixed bug if you replay from a mid point a hand you previously bid and played but claimed rather than playing 13 tricks or exiting with end-play.
v1.2.5.0 Launched 15th February 2012:
  • Facility to end bidding with a '?' added to assist teachers making handouts for lessons on bidding. (hold the alt key and click the pass button)
  • Added makeable contract support reading and writing PBN files (only read the table before).
  • Added support for dlm files. Also dlm, dup, pbn and bdg files can be dragged on to the Bridge Analyser window to open them.
  • Changed the IMP/MP comparison display so it is clearer which contract was best.
  • Added facility to redeal all 52 cards when editing a previously saved hand.
  • Added search by saved file type to DatabaseScreen, and ability to save a different type to the set of deals from the individual deals in the set.
  • Added support for Bo Haglund new faster double dummy solver.
  • Fine tuned some old code to make it more efficient.
v1.2.4. Launched 10th September 2011:
  • Bug fixed where the window to specify a lead in double dummy analysis is hidden on some systems.
  • Bug fixed that caused some systems to fail to start when the start menu was turned on and the program was not registered.
  • Bug fixed where Makeable contracts button and some menu items are disabled if you input a hand manually without previously dealing any hands automatically.
v1.2.4.0 Launched 31st July 2011:
  • Dealing routine rewritten to use byte manipulation instead of string manipulation, resulting in much faster dealing.
  • Multi-processor support added to dealing routines so a large number of complex biased deals are now dealt in parallel on each processor to increase dealing speed for Double Dummy analysis on multi-processor machines.
  • Double dummy and IMP/MP comparison routines can now read a saved file of deals so you can now go back and retest the same set of hands for different criteria.
  • Confusion resolved over double dummy results table - it now always shows tricks made by declarer. Previously it showed defensive tricks if you specified a lead.
  • Option to print file name added to print routines.
  • Several file-save windows now have options to save as pbn, and/or dup and/or mdb as well as to Bridge Analyser files.
  • pbn file creation improved to include notes and save type information.
  • Option to load a set of deals via a file of random numbers added.
  • A bit of tidying up and improvement of tool tips.
  • bug fixed in dup file creation.
  • bug fixed if you edit cards in a saved file and then go back to edit again without saving first.
  • Code updated to fix format problem that occurred when exporting DD results to a spreadsheet in Excel 2010.
Help file updated.
v1.2.2.0 Launched 24th November 2010:
  • Corrected a bug in the print file routine.
  • Corrected a bug that affected the screen display for those using non-standard screen DPI settings.
v1.2.1.1 Launched 4th June 2010:
  • IMP/MP comparison has been improved to allow comparison of any contract to the par result for the deal.
  • Double dummy and IMP/MP comparison dealing routine has been speeded up.
  • Added multi monitor support so maximise will operate on any monitor rather than only the primary one.
  • Recoded the start-up procedures so they will work with Windows 2000.
  • Option to hide menu hints (but keep showing other hints) has been reinstated.
  • Fixed a print bug for printing curtain cards with a full page of deals for each hand on each page.
  • Fixed Play So Far window so card winning the trick is highlighted.
v1.2.0.0 Launched 15th May 2010:
  • Added multi processor support. The double dummy solver will now run separately on each processor on a multi processor machine doubling analysis speed on dual core or quadrupling speed on quad core machines.
  • Option to show or hide the par result for a hand added to some printouts and word exports.
  • Minor bug fixed to stop the beep on start-up.
  • A few small tweaks added here and there, including improved Word Templates for exporting some print formats.

Help file updated.

v1.1.1.0 Launched 26th November 2009:
  • Reworked the user interface to use skins and allow buttons on the caption bar to restore the functionality lost when Microsoft disabled caption bar buttons in Windows Vista.
  • New double dummy option to compare IMP and MP scores for 2 contracts.
  • Added ability to export single deal printouts to a Word document (requires Word to be installed on your computer).
  • A few small tweaks to various menu options.

Help file updated.

v1.1.0.1 Launched 24th October 2009:
  • Minor error in menu draw routine corrected
  • Minor error corrected so that if a file containing makeable contracts data is dropped into Bridge Analyser the window hides the unnecessary 'get makeable contracts data' button.
v1.1.0.0 Launched 22nd October 2009:
  • Major new code to switch from the Deep Finesse double dummy solver to Bo Haglund's solver which is much faster. This has dramatically improved the speed of double dummy analysis and analysing sets of hands for makeable contracts.
  • Added a database save option so all sets of hands dealt for duplicates or competitions can be saved to the database (file name HandDatabase.mdb) and retrieved later. ·
  • Added a deal ID code for each set of deals saved and printed.
  • Option to calculate lifetime statistics for all deals in the database file.
  • Added 'par result' to summary print out and makeable contracts display on the main screen.
  • Made the routines for fixing cards in any hand more flexible so you no longer have to do it in a specified order.
  • Minor change to saved bdg files which now store makeable tricks (ie 0-13) rather than makeable contracts (ie - or 1-7). As a result you can now always toggle between tricks and contract view. Opening an old file will cause the Makeable contracts data to be removed so you will have to run the DD solver again.
  • Bug Fix: various issues related to Windows Vista have now been resolved (except one solved in v1.1.1) so you can run the program in normal mode rather than as Administrator.
v1.0.8.0 Launched 13th September 2009:
  • Major new code to add overcall bidding options to the bias menu.
  • Reworked the look of the bias form windows and the bid system form windows to simplify editing settings.
  • Option to zoom window to full screen added to improve look when projecting onto a screen.
  • Added extra flexibility to curtain card printing.
  • Added more files the program uses to save and reuse settings the user has changed, especially relating to bid system and overcall settings.
  • Added option to save a DUP file to the deal, save & print menu item.
  • Added a 'make declarer South' option for printing hands that have been bid to a final contract for lessons.
  • Added option to select which hands are printed (used to be all, NS or EW).
  • Added option to save the screen form to a jpg picture file.
  • View menu item added to give more option on which hands are shown on the screen.
  • Some cosmetic changes made to the look and feel of some windows.
  • Bug on startup fixed so last used bidding system is correctly read.
Help file updated.
v1.0.7.1 Launched 28th January 2009:
  • Fixed a bug printing curtain cards.
v1.0.7.0 Launched 10th July 2008:
  • Major rework of the look and feel of the menus and buttons using Windows Themes so the look of the program should match any decisions you make in the look of Windows.
  • Added option so Deep Finesse can show the number of overtricks or undertricks for any card when in play mode as well as whether any card is a good or bad play.
  • Added play option in which Deep Finesse can be set to play or defend double dummy whilst you play or defend with the hand you choose. This is very much experimental at this stage and DF will often play a card that makes your life easy if it can see the triple squeeze must work ! I need to work on how to make the play more deceptive.
  • Bug fixed where open file may fail after a certain sequence of dealing & save.
  • Added file registration option to the menu so you can automatically associate Bridge analyser files with the program. If you enable this clicking a BA file in windows explorer will open the file and the BA software.
  • Added some sizing routines to solve issues for those using non-standard screen DPI settings.
  • Added an indication of total hands dealt to the graph and Double Dummy screens so you can see how many deals were needed to find those analysed that met the bias settings you used.
  • Some menu layouts changed.
v1.0.6.1 Launched 30th September 2007:
  • User created files that were stored in the Program Folders (usually C:\Program Files\Bridge Analyser and its Saved Files sub folder) have been moved to the all users application files area (normally C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bridge Analyser). This is because Microsoft are putting restrictions on writing data to Program Folders as a security measure. If you upgrade Bridge Analyser it will move the files it created on first startup (so you will keep any changes you made to them) but you have to manually move any files you have created such as .bdg & .b13 files and your bidding system files.
  • The .bdg & .b13 file structures used by Bridge Analyser has been changed to allow Deep Finesse results to be stored. If you try and open an old format file it will be copied to a new file (it will be named 'oldname.old') and a file containing all the deals in the new format will be created in its place.
  • The help files have been updated and changed to html format as Microsoft are no longer supporting the old format I originally used.
  • You can drag & drop .bdg & .b13 files onto the main BA screen or the open file screen
  • The file open menu lets you open PBN files directly and saves a copy in .bdg format automatically
  • You can now save directly in PBN format rather than save as .bdg and later convert the file to PBN
  • Double Dummy analysis will save Deep Finesse data if you select the option to save the run as a file
  • a screen drawing bug that came to light after a recent Windows update has been corrected (sometimes the main screen was showing the heart 2 repeated 13 times in a hand after opening and closing the DF window).
v1.0.5.0 Launched 10th December2006:
  • Added option to set Deep Finesse to analyse for all tricks from 0 to 13 rather than just whether a contract can be made. This affects output for Double Dummy analysis and also for single hand analysis from the main screen but not printed output for hand records which stay as before.
  • Corrected a bug where putting a partly fixed hand in a position other than South, then setting a constraint for another hand that the partly fixed hand also complies with could result in a deal passing a bias test when one hand does not meet the tests set
v1.0.4.0 Launched 2nd July 2006:
  • Corrected bug that prevented user from stopping a Deep Finesse analysis when impossible hand constraints had been set
  • Added ability to import a saved hand to any position (N, S, E or W rather than just South)
v1.0.3.0 Launched 22nd September 2005:
  • Improved graph utilities to include:
    - Filter option added so graphs can be redrawn excluding or including hands with certain suit length/strength/shape/opening bid characteristics
    - Ability to choose your own axis values for points graph (incl. 1 point ranges)
    - Standard deviation is displayed when graph bars are clicked, and bid system info is shown when clicking on the opening bid graph
    - Export graph data and/or underlying base data to an Excel spreadsheet
    - Graphs can now be drawn for any of the four hands
    - Graphs can analyse hand data stored in a file rather than just new deal sets
    - Number of aces held added to one of the graph pages
  • double dummy analysis enhanced
  • Average number of tricks now displayed for each contract
  • Deals used can now be saved as a file and reviewed later
  • Curtain card creation now has a more conspicuous warning if the deal mode is not random, and sets Deep Finesse to analyse all contracts (in case you set it differently in Double Dummy analysis)
  • Ability to edit partly played hands added to Hand Report function
  • Multi 2D bidding revised to avoid a bug if certain other conventions were set with it
  • Option to check for free program updates added to help menu
  • Option to create start menu group added to help menu
v1.0.2.0 Launched 26th August 2005:
  • Improved double dummy analysis to allow the same contract to be analysed for several different leads at once
  • Added ability to export double dummy results and probability tables to Excel
  • Added progress bar to form dealing sets of hands
  • Added menu item under Swap Dlr/suits to move cards between hands on the main form
  • Corrected a bug that prevented lead of a 2 in double dummy analysis
  • Corrected a bug that prevented hand save without bidding
  • Added ability to close any window from the system menu 'X'
HELP files also upgraded to v1.0.2.0 at this time
v1.0.1.0 Launched 28th July 2005:
  • Added ability to select a forced lead in double dummy analysis
  • Added ability to define overall hand shape in bias deal options
v1.0 The original Windows version launched in June 2005. A previous DOS based version exists from 1989!