Print Options.


Click the bullets below to see a sample of the print options (apart from web option, all print previews require Adobe Acrobat reader to be installed):

Click to view print sample Standard deal printout for a duplicate session with the optional makeable contracts analysis and optional statistics at the end. Can be 15 or 24 hands per side of paper (12 or 21 with US paper size).  You can also now show a par result for each hand.
Click to view print sample Standard Curtain Cards print on plain paper or pre-printed forms. Reverse can also be printed.
Click to view print sample Curtain cards with all North hands on one page, South on another etc. (for bidding or play practice).
Click to view print sample Travellers with a hand printout and optional makeable contracts analysis. Can print 2 per page with room for 40 pairs to score, 3 per page (up to 24 pairs), or 4 per page (up to 13 pairs) with or without North pair numbers included.
Click to view print sample Overhead slide for teaching with an overhead projector. The bidding grid and makeable contracts grid can each be turned on or off.
Click to view print sample Teaching notes with 5 hands per page including the bidding and some descriptive text for each hand.
Click to view print sample Single hand detailed handout with optional Makeable Contracts analysis, bidding grid, opening lead, room for half a page of text describing the hand, a second view of the hand when partly played and secondary text describing the partly played position. This is very suitable as a teaching handout of difficult concepts that you want to explain in a lot of detail to students.
Click to view print sample Web printout with automated links to scan from one page to the next or previous, with optional makeable contracts analysis. Ideal for uploaded to your clubs web site along with the duplicate results.
Word image not found Many printouts can be exported to Microsoft Word for separate editing and saving, or to import into longer documents.
Excel image not found Output from many of the analysis routines can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or editing prior to insertion in a word document.

And when printing you can also create pdf file or web (html) files of the printed document:

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