Download and buy Bridge Analyser from the links below:

To download a 28 day trial version of Bridge Analyser click on the download button. You can open and run the install directly from this link but I recommend you select the save option and put the file on your hard disk first. Download version

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To Buy Bridge Analyser, first download the program from the link above and then buy here, and from the help menu in Bridge Analyser press the register button and follow instructions.
Buy for Click price to view approximate amount in another currency £44.95 :

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If you already have a registered copy, and want to use it on another computer either in your own home or your holiday home you may register extra copies here.
Extra Registrations Click price to view approximate amount in another currency £10 :

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Bridge Analyser is written for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It works best with Windows XP and later, including 64bit systems and Windows 10

NOTE: Upgrades are always free but I charge a nominal £10 for a new serial number when you get a new computer. I think this is fair as you would normally expect several free upgrades between computer changes.

Compatibility Info:
After updating all my code to work with new Windows 7, 8 and 10 security requirements, either 32bit or 64 bit versions, an unfortunate side effect is that it now only runs with Windows XP or later. (Windows 2000 and earlier will show an error and probably not start, although some server versions will work).

If you have a multi core processor it will run using 2 cores on quite low RAM but to use more than 2 cores at once the min RAM requirements are:
> 1Gb to use more than 2 cores at once
> 2Gb to use more than 4;
> 3Gb to use more than 8 (max = 16 regardless of RAM).

I have not tested it with any other operating system though I know of no reason why it should not work with other systems that have Windows Emulation and I know of users running it on a Mac with Windows 8 VM.