co. & Ponder Stibbons' Clarecraft Discworld Event 1999 pictures

o Barry having his ponytail cut off for charity
o Charles Cooke in a dress -- the one thousand pound jackpot!
o Charissa -- official Perdita
o People eating at the Mediaeval tent
o Ponder being sat upon by Homicide inflatable Sumo wrestling
o Inflatable Sumo wrestling (GIDHAL)
o Cabbage duelling: Gideon Hallett (?) and Homicide
o Left to right: AfPhantom, the Mad Dragon (facing away from camera -- as always ;^) ), Añejo, Thorin, Ponder and Homicide
o Afphantom having his legs waxed for charity
o The Mediaeval tent
o Dwarf-bread catapults for the metacompetition. Note the one on the left, consisting of a chair and a bra. ;^)
o Dwarf-bread catapults for the metacompetition
o "A Metaphysical wossname of human anatomy. [...] You had to be there and you had to be drunk!"
o Megamole cabbage duelling
o Mouse in the children's Masquerade
o Peter Ellis having his legs waxed for charity.
o Woozle in the children's Masquerade
o Naomi, Supermouse and Ponder

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&'s photographs of the solar eclipse

o It's...
o ...getting...
o ...dark.


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