W. C. Plenderleath, The White Horses of the West of England

Alfred Russell Smith, London, and Alfred Heath, Calne, n.d. [1885]

This is, in the opinion of the archaeologist Stuart Piggott, a “most valuable little book” (Antiquity, 1931, p. 38).

The scanned copy is the first edition; there was a second edition in 1892. The original text has no divisions (apart from the Preface). Since the text is overlong for a single Web page, it is here divided into sections as shown below.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Prelims  Preface, etc.
Web §1  Introduction: Sacred horses
Web §2  Uffington Horse
Web §3  Westbury Horse
Web §4  Other horses: Cherhill, Marlborough, etc.
Web §5  Other figures: Cerne Giant, Long Man, Crosses
Front cover
Title page
Page 1  [Sample of Victorian printing]
Fig. 1  Uffington Horse
Fig. 2  Coin of Cunobeline
Fig. 3  Coin of Boadicea, number 1
Fig. 4  Coin of Boadicea, number 2
Fig. 5  Ancient British coin
Fig. 6  Westbury Horse: old
Fig. 7  Westbury Horse: new
Fig. 8  Whiteleaf Cross
Fig. 9  Cherhill Horse
Fig. 10  Cerne Giant [bowdlerized]
Fig. 11  Long Man of Wilmington
A note on the text