Jonathan Kirby

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Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, working in the School of Mathematics of the University of East Anglia.

An Invitation to Model Theory via Definable Sets

This book, aimed at undergraduate / Masters students, will be published by CUP. The focus on definable sets, often with examples from the real ordered field, means that it may be suitable also for people using model theory, such as in o-minimality, who want to get an idea of what is behind the applications. A working draft is available (updated 4th August 2017). I would appreciate any comments on the content.


Most of my papers and preprints are available on the arXiv, listed above. There is also a list with more details.

There are reviews of my publications on MathSciNet and on Zentralblatt. (You may need a subscription to view them.)

There is also a list on UEA's e-print server.

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