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Robust Packet and the BPQ32 switch.


If you have a single port SCS PTC (the PTC-IIex or PTC-IIusb, but not the PRO models) you can run Robust Packet as well as Pactor on the same port. You can scan for and make calls in either mode.

To enable this feature, add the following commands to your SCSPactor configuration:

 PAC BAUD R600           ; Sets the PTC Packet Modem to Robust Packet Mode
 SCANFORROBUSTPACKET n   ; The PTC will listen for Robust Packet calls for the first n seconds
                         ; of each scan interval, and for Pactor for the rest
 USEAPPLCALLS            ; PTC will respond to connects to your APPLCALLS 

To enable monitoring of Robust Packet activity to the BPQTerminal Monitor window, add


As by default Robust Packet mode retries connects every 5 seconds, I suggest you set SCANFORROBUSTPACKET 7, and your Rigcontrol Scan Interval to 10. The PTC will then listen for Robust Packet for 7 seconds, and Pactor for 3.

Making Calls.

To call in Robust Packet mode, enter RC Callsign, instead of C Callsign

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
19th December 2010