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Node User Commands

This document lists the Node commands available to users. Another document describes commands only available to a SYSOP

There is a rather old document here which gives a explanation of the output from some of the commands.

The following commands are supported:


Issue a connect request to antther station

For a NETROM connection, entar C CALL

For a ax.25 connection enter C p CALL, where p is the port you want to connect on. You may specify a digipeater
list after CALL.

If you enter C p CALL PACTOR, the code will do an ATTACH to the port, then a connect command. This can be
used to make Pactor or Winmor calls uaing software (such as Airmail) that doesnt allow a connect script. 

Normally you cannot override the automatic route selection when you connect to another node, but you can fool
the system into thinking a node is a normal station by connecting to the alias, and adding an SSID.
For example, if you want to connect to NOTTS:G8BPQ-3, you can force a Level 2 connect on a secified port
by entering C P NOTTS-1

You can instruct the node to remain connected to the currrent node when the connection to the next one is closed
by adding an S (for STAY) after the connect command. 


The BYE or QUIT commnands disconnect you from the switch.


Display information about the Node


Display the Node software version number


If issued without a parameter, lists all Nodes known to this system

N NODECALL (or N NODEALIAS) lists the routes that the system can use to access that node

N T lists the Round Trip Times and frame counts for all nodes that have had traffic 


Lists the currently active ax.25 links (Both user access and node-node links)


Sets the Level 4 (NETROM) retry timer for the current session.


Lists available ports. 


Sets PACLEN for the current session. May be useful to override the default when running on HF links.


Sets IDLETIME for the current session. 


Lists the NETROM neighbours (station with a direct path to this Node).


STATS without a parameter shows system and port counters for the Node
S S displays just the system counters
S n displays stats staring form port n. This can be useful if you have too many ports to 
show in the basic listing.


Lists the stations currently using the node.


Enters UNPROTO mode, where anything you type is sent as a UI (unproto) frame. Specify the desired
detination address and any digis you need.
Entet ctrl/Z to exit unproto mode.


Lists available commands


Lists stations recently heard


Lists APRS stations recently heard


Allocate a port. This is used for ports that only support one user at a time, eg Pactor and WINMOR.
Once you have ATTACH'ed you can send RADIO or Connect commands.


Send commands to the Rig Control module.


Display Resolver info for AXIP port n


Display MHEARD info for AXIP port n


Display status of Tennet Port n


Send NETROM Record Route message to node CALL. This will display a message sowing the route to,
and back from CALL. It may take a while, and fail if the remote node is not reachable or does
not support NRR

John Wiseman G8BPQ
July 2013