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BPQ32 Chat Server

BPQChat.exe is the Chat function of BPQMailChat, split into a separate program. Although the Chat part of MailChat is still supported in this release, I recommend changing to the separare program, as it appears to be more stable. Chat may be removed from MailChat in the next release.

To switch from using the BPQMailChat Chat Server to this program:

Copy ChatUsers.txt and RTKnown.txt from BPQMailChat folder to BPQ32 folder.

Open MailChat Chat Server Configuration, and disable chat by setting Chat Appl Number to zero. Copy the "Nodes to Link to" to the clip board.

Run BPQChat.exe. Enter the Chat Appl Number, and paste the "Nodes to Link to". Save config and restart.

John Wiseman G8BPQ
April 2012