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Using RMS Express as a client to BPQMailChat BBS

Although RMS Express was designed as a client for the Winlink 2000 system, it can also be used to send messages to/from the BPQ BBS. As RMS Express doesn't have an interactive mode, and can only forward messages using the B2 protocol, a new user can't log into the BBS to set up his user record. So if a new user connects to the BBS from RMS Express, he will be temporarily defined as a BBS, so he can send a message to the BBS sysop requesting registration.

The BBS will send messages which have a TO of the MyCall or AuxCall settings, or are flagged in the forwarding record to be sent. Messages that are flagged will be set to status 'F', messages which have been selected by the TO or AuxCalls will be killed. This allows bulls to be sent to RMS Express without them being killed.

There is an extra flag in the User Configuration record for an RMS Express user. Users can either be set as BBS, "RMS Express User" or both. If BBS is not set, a temporary BBS record will be created to allow B2 forwarding. There is a limit of 120 BBS's on the system, so if you have lots of RMS Express users you may be better not setting them as BBS, unless you need to forward bulls.

RMS Express only accepts inbound calls in WINMOR or Packet P2P mode.

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
15th November 2010
Updated Ocober 2015