Guangzhou Discrete Mathematics Seminar

School of Mathematics

How to get to School of Mathematics, Sun Yat-sen University

The School of Mathematics is located in the South Campus of SYSU, in Haizhu District of Guangzhou. Upon arrival in Guangzhou, it is possible to reach the School of Mathematics by metro. Information about the Guangzhou metro can be found here (in Chinese) and here (from Wikipedia). The nearest metro station to the School of Mathematics is Sun Yat-sen University (中大, also known as Zhongda), which is on Line 8. To reach the station... At Sun Yat-sen University (中大) station, take exit A. It is then a 15 minute walk to the School of Mathematics. Please see the map below.

For those with heavy luggage, or travelling in a group, taking a taxi would be recommended. The Guangzhou metro is often very crowded, especially in central Guangzhou, and so carrying heavy luggage would be inconvenient. Moreover, taxis are generally inexpensive. For example, the taxi fare from Baiyun International Airport to SYSU would be around 150 Yuan. Ask the driver to arrive at the South Gate of SYSU, South Campus in Haizhu District, and follow the route as shown in the map to the School of Mathematics.

The address of the School of Mathematics is (in English and Chinese):

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