Telecom Mexico

Telecommunications Consultant with 15 years of project management experience. Enrique Rodriguez de la Colina has worked for companies such as: AdvancedTech Communications, Enlaces Integra - Mexican Satellites, Schlumberger and Redes&Comunicaciones; among others.

Dr. Rodriguez-Colina gained his Ph.D. degree from the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge, England in 2009. He colaborates as a research associate in the Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems (BCDS) Research Group at the University of Girona, Spain since September 2008.

He obtained his Engineering in Electronics in Communications and M.Sc. Computer Networks degrees from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico, in 1994 Iztapalapa ( UAMI ) and in 2003 Azcapotzalco ( UAMA ) respectively.
In 2001 received a Diploma Degree in Development of Management Skills from Autonomous Technologic Institute of Mexico (ITAM).